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Best Club Sandwich in Town!

Whether eating in or carrying out, Leibman's broad deli selection can't be matched. Over the years I've tried all the sandwiches. The Classy Club is easily the best in Houston.

Lovely Surprise!

A friend took us for lunch because she'd had lunch there the day before with her family and loved it. So did we. A surprise chicken salad made with tumeric and saffron was worth the drive out west and then some. Full deli with soup of the day. We enjoyed the crab bisque with our chicken salad sandwich. Nice portions and the price is right. We're headed back…see you there!

Fabulous Houston Deli

Highly recommend Leibmans. My husband and I eat at Leibmans regularly. It's the best place for great sandwiches, salads, hot foods, desserts, cheeses, and wines. The egg salad (my favorite) and the Chicken Afrique salad (my husband's favorite) are outstanding. So many delicious choices. Leibmans also has a great selection of packaged foods and gifts.

Best lunch spot

This is my neighborhood, I am very familiar with all of the lunch spots. Leibmans is one of the best. I had a craving for their Rueben this afternoon so my husband kindly accommodated and off we went for the second time this week. This sandwich, like most at this restaurant, are too big to finish more than half! Pick a salad, any salad, they are all good. Don't want salad or sandwich, they have wonderful hot lunches as well. Then there are the desserts. The only thing I can say about those is, save room. There is something for everyone. There are dips, chips, and crackers enough to cater a party, wines and cheeses to accompany. It is one stop shopping for gifts and cards. Ettienne always stops by the table to see how things are. She knows how we love our wine and cheese, so she always has a little tidbit of something new to try. Very personalized service. You go girl!

Never disappointed

Leibman's is our family favorite for lunch on Sunday…if we lived closer I'd eat there every day. Great sandwiches (my favorite is the club, my wife's is the ETs knosher or the Andre's Avocado) and salads. Today we tried the Sunday Special (my wife ordered it and after finishing my club I fought her for it) and the lemon chicken breast was outstanding as was squash caserole. Ettiene's own recipe salad dressing (Honey Balsalmic) is really, really good and I'm not a salad guy. Worth the trip and well worth the price.

Best Deli around

I work close by and crave their food. When co-workers ask where we should go for lunch this place is always on my mind. This is the best deli for homemade soup, sandwiches (the Captain's Choice is superb) and desserts. They serve hearty portions and I try to leave room for dessert. It's a one stop shop for people who love good food and like the opportunity to shop for gifts or gourmet items while they prepare your meal. They also carry fantastic wines at a good price, a wonderful selection of cards, gifts and a huge selection of candy, coffee and gourmet chocolates. There is something for everyone here.

A great Rueben sandwich!

I have been to Liebman's several times and always had excellent food and service - including Ettienne stopping by to have a chat and make sure everything was perfect - she wants to ensure that everyone that comes in is completely satisifed. I was surprised at the review that someone had a bad Rueben - mine was fantastic and it's not the first time I have had one. I'm not saying they didn't, no one is perfect but mention it to Ettienne or one of her staff and they will always make it right. Okay, I paid $10 but that's what quality costs these days, in fact it is not uncommon to have a common hamburger that cost more than $10. I am more than happy to pay the price for a quality lunch. The ingredients really make the sandwich and I was more than satisfied. Well done Ettienne!

“Excellent and different cuisine. The deli is now open 3 nights a week for dinner and you can enjoy wine that you purchase there with the meal. The wine is much less expensive than most other restaurant wine selections for quality wines. The desserts are great! ”

I initially went to Leibman's to pick up a bundt (I just love that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) cake for a birthday party after asking around what the b-day gals favorite cake was. I kept hearing about this insanely good bundt cake with raspberry glaze. So off we went. What a visual treat! The store itself is stocked with imported foods and they also have a deli counter. I walked around drooling as one after another scrumptious looking item caught my eye. The place was packed and they had several vendors giving out free samples.

The "dining" area of the store was packed and the food looked delicious. Ok, that's it! We stayed for lunch. We ordered the reuben sandwich (we split it) and it was so divine my eyes start to tear up just thinking about that first bite. The corned beef was heavenly and sliced very thin, the sauerkraut crunchy with just the right amount of tang. What a great sandwich.

After the mini-meal we went back up to the counter to ask about the cake since we didn't see one in the case. A very kind lady brought one out from the back. Dang, I've never seen a bundt cake that big! I asked for the price and tried my best not to flinch when she quoted me $26. As the person I was buying the cake for is very dear to me, I held out my hands. Whoa, not only big, but the dang thang was heavy. Earlier, on my quest for the cake, I had also looked around for a raspberry glaze to go with the cake with no success. Again I asked the kind lady if they had any. She went into the back and poured some into a to-go container for me. Nice!

The cake was insanely delicious as I was told. WOW. It was moist, dense without being heavy with a hit of vanilla. The raspberry glaze enhanced the flavor of the cake. Overall great flavor fusion.

Leibmans has the best chicken salad!! They also have a variety of wines, candy, and little snack foods to choose from! This is a great place to go for lunch with friends. They has somewhat reasonable prices and great food!

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